34th International Symposium on Free Radicals

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Hot Topics Talks

"Central 300 pc of the Galaxy probed by the IR spectrum of H3+"
T. Oka, T.R. Geballe, M. Goto, T. Usuda, B.J. McCall and N. Indriolo

"Merging, splitting, orienting – towards ultracold stereodynamics"
S. Gordon, J. Zhou, S. Tanteri, and A. Osterwalder

"Sub-Doppler molecular spectroscopy with a frequency comb referenced optical parametric oscillator"
L. Halonen, J. Karhu, M. Vainio, and M. Metsälä

"Full observation of cascaded radiationless transitions from S2(ππ*) state of pyrazine by ultrafast VUV photoelectron imaging"
T. Horio, and T. Suzuki

"Reactions of Criegee intermediates at gas-aqueous interfaces"
S. Enami

"Ground and Excited States of Biological Radicals"
F. Tureček

"Atmospheric oxidation of NH3 by NO3 and OH radicals. Proton coupled electron transfer versus Hydrogen atom transfer reaction mechanisms"
J. M. Anglada

"HO2 yield in the reaction of different peroxy radicals with OH radicals"
C. Fittschen, E. Assaf, and C. Schoemacker

"Real-time Imaging-based Spectroscopy of Nitrogen Dimer"
K. Mizuse, H. Sato, H. Ishikawa, and Y. Ohshima

"Oscillation of branching ratios between the D(2s)+D(1s) and the D(2p)+D(1s) channels in direct photodissociation of D2"
Y. Mo, J. Wang, and Q. Meng

Submission of abstracts to be considered for Hot Topic Talks is now closed!
Abstracts for poster presentations is still open until June 30.

We encourage you to aim for a hot-topics presentation (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion) by an early submission. Hot topics are selected from contributions submitted by April 28, 2017. An applicant should prepare an abstract using a template or following the guideline on Abstract Submission page and send us the pdf file by that date to be eligible for the selection. The email subject line should contain "FRS2017Abstract.

We notify receipt of your abstract within several days, and announce the result of the hot topics selection by May 12. If you do not get any confirmation message from us by May 9, please contact us immediately at abst@physc.kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp.