34th International Symposium on Free Radicals

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Instructions for Presentations

Instructions for poster presenters

We will have two poster sessions, one on Aug. 28 (Session A) and Aug. 29 (Session B). Please find your presentation in the poster program available in PDF format here: Program

Poster spaces are 120 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). Boards will be numbered as designated in the program above. We cannot print your poster at the venue. Please bring your printed poster to the venue.

Before each poster session, all presenters give a one-minute summary to advertise their topic using only one slide in pdf format (The maximum file size is limited to 1 MB.).

Please prepare one slide and submit it by Aug. 18 to abst@physc.kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp.

Since there are 35 presentations in each poster session, your presentation is strictly limited to 60 seconds. We recommend to use a font size larger than 14 pt.

Instructions for oral presentations

We expect you to bring your own laptop PC for your oral presentation. Connection to the projector should be either by VGA or HDMI. If your PC does not have one of these ports, we recommend you to bring proper adapters for your PC (especially, if you are a mac user).

Leave 5 minutes for questions and please make sure you stay on time.

We will prepare a windows machine and a mac at the venue just in case. But we cannot guarantee that these backup devices will work for your presentation as intended.