34th International Symposium on Free Radicals

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Invited Speakers

Sébastien Le Picard
"Laboratory astrophysics: from fundamental gas phase reaction dynamics to molecular astrophysics"

Nami Sakai
"Tracing chemistry toward protoplanetary disks by ALMA"

Sebastiaan van de Meerakker
"Taming molecular collisions"

John Doyle
"Physics with Cold and Ultracold Radicals"

Jos Oomens
"Laboratory IR spectroscopy of gaseous, ionized polyaromatics of astrophysical interest"

Stephan Schlemmer
"Radicals and Ions in Space and the Laboratory"

Hyotcherl Ihee
"Visualizing reaction dynamics with femtosecond X-ray diffraction"

Arthur Suits

Marsha Lester
"Unimolecular decay of Criegee intermediates to hydroxyl radical products"

Yuan Pern Lee
"Exploring Reactions of Criegee Intermediate CH2OO using a Step-Scan FTIR Spectrometer"

Asuka Fujii
"Infrared spectroscopy of the (H2S)n+ and H+(H2S)n clusters: What is difference between H2S and H2O?"

Terry Miller
"The Jahn-Teller effect and degeneracy breaking in free radicals: Reconciling theory and experiment"

Kopin Liu
"Direct mapping of the key feature of the potential energy surface"

Hua Guo
"The strange world of nonadiabatic tunneling - The effect of geometric phase and diagonal Born-Oppenheimer correction"

Xueming Yang
"Probing quantum dynamics of chemical reactions with high resolution H-atom Rydberg tagging and velocity map imaging"

Leonid Sheps
"Finding the needle in a haystack - direct reaction kinetics measurements of radical intermediates in combustion"

Gabriel da Silva
"Radical reaction mechanisms for organic nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere"

Majed Chergui

Luis Bañares

Nadia Balucani
"Reactions of atomic radicals with aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons by crossed beam experiments"

Ken McKendrick
"Real-space imaging of OH radicals scattered from liquid surfaces"