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  [2008.12.6] Visitors from Tsu High School (Mie Pref.) were welcome.

[2008.11.19] Congratulations on Fukuchi's young poster presentation reward (solid-state NMR) in 47th annual Japanese NMR Conference!
Utilization of Discarded Coherences in a 2D Experiment Using the States Method; COCODARR & Double-acquisition
Masashi Fukuchi1, Munehiro Inukai1, Kazuyuki Takeda1, K. Takegoshi1 (1Kyoto Univ.)
[2008.11.19] Congratulations on Tabuchi's young poster presentation reward (instrumentation) in 47th annual Japanese NMR Conference!
Active compensation of RF pulse transients
Yutaka Tabuchi1, Makoto Negoro1, Takuro Kishida1, Masahiro Kitagawa1, Kazuyuki Takeda2(1Osaka Univ., 2Kyoto Univ.)
[2008.10.23] Salmons have been deliveredI

[2008.10.1] The site has been revised!

A mathematica package for calculating the elements of the Wigner rotation matrix has now been available!

[2008.3.6] Let's go to Asilomar for 49th ENC! (Pacific Grove, CA, USA)
(The photo below was taken on the previous Asilomar visit in 2006)

[2008.2.13] It snows.

[2008.1.21] Our new tea-and-cofee collection box.

[2008.1.7] The "Kakizome" event.

[2008.1.4] Happy new year!

[2007.12.21] Movie show in the Prof. office.

[2007.12.17] Vegitables grown in the lab.

Added a topic on MQNMR!

A Mathematica package for drawing Smith charts has now been available!

[2007.11.17] Gingko trees in the North Campus.

OPENCORE NMR: Download site opened.

[2007.11.14]     Added a topic on the study of amyloid-beta peptides

[2007.11.3] Gingko trees in the North Campus have begun to show the autumn color.

[2007.10.24] Two salmons has been delivered!

[2007.10.22] Access map has now been available!

[2007.10.11] Site renewal!


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