Current Research

The problem of strong electron-electron correlation has lately attracted our attention since the discovery of high-temperature superconductivity and heavy electron system.

Our research is involved with the synthesis, chemical characterization and measurement of physical properties on condensed states of matter where the strong electron-electron correlation determines the physical nature of the material.

Presently under study are compounds of transition metal and/or rare-earth which display unusual phenomena as follows.

Research Equipment

3d Transition Metal Compounds and thier Magnetism, Itinerant Magnetism ans Superconductivity

Low Dimensional Magnetic Insulators

  • Quasi 1-D Alternating Chain System : Pb2V3O9

Itinerant Magnetism and Superconductivity

  • Triangular Lattice Oxide : AxCoO2, AxCoO2yH2O

  • Itinerant Antiferromagnetic Boride: Cr1-xVxB2

  • Week Itinerant Ferromagnetism and Magnetic Instabilities : Ni3Al and Al-site Substitution

  • Itinerant Ferromagnetic with layered structure : LaCoAsO and its Family

  • Iron-Based Layered Superconductor : FeSe1-x, FeTe1-x and its Solid Solution Fe1+dTe1-xSex

  • Ferromagnetic Fluctuation and Superconductivity : Ca3Ir4Sn13 and its Family


  • Pyrochlore : CdM2F6S, HgM2F6S, HgM2F6O

  • Modified Pyrochlore : AV2F6, ACr2F6

  • Double Perovskite : A2BTiF6

4d and 5d Transition Metal Compounds

Itinerant Magnetism and Metal-insulator transition

  • QCP of 3D Itinerant Ferromagtetism : Sr1-xCaxRuO3

  • Metal-Insulator Transition and the Formation of a Spin-Gap in Pyrochlore-type Oxide : Tl2Ru2O7

  • Superconductivity and Structural Phase Transitions in Metal Pyrochlore Oxide: Cd2Re2O7, Pb2Re2O7

4fMetal Compounds

Itinerant Ferromagnetism and Valence Fluctuation

  • Itinerant Magnetism of Two-Dimensional Square-Lattice Magnet Compounds : LaTe3, CeTe3

  • 4f Kagome-like lattice x 4d Itinerant Magnetic Triangular Lattice : R3Ru4Al12

  • Valence Fluctuation : Yb1-xYxInCu4