General Information

Our laboratory is located in the North Campus, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

From Kansai Airport to JR Kyoto Station

The fastest way to JR Kyoto Station is to take the Limited Express "Haruka".

Access from Kansai Airport
(*JPY 3490 for a reserved seat.)

From Tokyo area to JR Kyoto Station

Direct Shinkansen trains are available: Timetable

From JR Kyoto Station to Our Lab

Take Kyoto City Bus (Route #17) to the bus stop "Kyodai Nogakubu-mae" (~40 min), from which only one minute to our lab! The #17 bus timetable at Kyoto Station can be found here. All #17 buses stop at "Kyodai Nogaqubu-mae"
Fare: JPY 230 (for an adult).


For more information, please refer to Transportation Bureau of Kyoto.

In the North Campus

Assis. Prof. Kazuyoshi KANAMORI - Room #507, Faculty of Science Bldg No. 2.

Map of North Campus, Kyoto University

The North Campus is located in the northernmost of the Yoshida Campus area (purple).

Map of Kyoto City

For more information, refer to the website of Kyoto University.

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