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*論文 2013年 [#l507c3cc]


***(総説)細孔構造を精密に制御した有機修飾シルセスキオキサン塊状材料 [#y064bd5c]

***Layered double hydroxide (LDH)-based monolith with interconnected hierarchical channels: Enhanced sorption affinity for anionic species [#qdd417f7]
'''J. Mater. Chem. A''' ''1'', 7702-7708 (2013).~

***Pore structure control of macroporous methylsilsesquioxane monoliths prepared by in situ two-step processing [#na274838]
Xingzhong GUO*, Huan YU, Hui YANG, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, ''Yang ZHU'', Kazuki NAKANISHI*~
'''J. Porous Mater.''' ''20'', 1477-1483 (2013).~

***Sol-gel synthesis of macroporous TiO&sub{2}; from ionic precursors via phase separation route [#u1c99931]
Wenyan LI, Xingzhong GUO*, ''Yang ZHU'', Hui YANG, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, Kazuki NAKANISHI*~
'''J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol.''' ''67'', 639-645 (2013).~

***A superamphiphobic macroporous silicone monolith with marshmallow-like flexibility [#d7df7881]
''Gen HAYASE'', Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, George HASEGEWA, Ayaka MAENO, Hironori KAJI, Kazuki NAKANISHI~
''Gen HAYASE'', Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, George HASEGAWA, Ayaka MAENO, Hironori KAJI, Kazuki NAKANISHI~
'''Angew. Chem. Int.  Ed.''' ''52'', 10788-10791 (2013).~
[http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/news_data/h/h1/news6/2013/130906_2.htm プレスリリース]

***Recyclable functionalization of silica with alcohols via dehydrogenative addition on hydrogen silsesquioxane [#g49306d8]
Nirmalya MOITRA, Toshiyuki KAMEI, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, Kazuki NAKANISHI*, Kazuyuki TAKEDA, Toyoshi SHIMADA*~
'''Langmuir''' ''29'', 12243-12253 (2013).~
[[Selected as cover picture:http://pubs.acs.org/action/showLargeCover?jcode=langd5&vol=29&issue=39]]

***Hierarchically porous monoliths based on N-doped reduced titanium oxides and their electric and electrochemical properties [#n0bbedb0]
George HASEGAWA*, ''Tatsuya SATO'', Kazuyoshi KANAMORI* Kousuke NAKANO, Takeshi YAJIMA, Yoji KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi KAGEYAMA, Takeshi ABE, Kazuki NAKANISHI~
'''Chem. Mater.''' ''25'', 3504-3512 (2013).~

***Gelation behavior and phase separation of macroporous methylsilsesquioxane monoliths prepared by in situ two-step processing [#mf7acdda]
Xingzhong GUO, Wenyan LI, Hui YANG, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, ''Yang ZHU'', Kazuki NAKANISHI*~
'''J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol.''' ''67'', 406-413 (2013).~

***Preparation of a hierarchically porous AlPO&sub{4}; monolith via an epoxide-mediated sol-gel process accompanied by phase separation [#gd03e9f2]
Wenyan LI, ''Yang ZHU'', Xingzhong GUO*, Kazuki NAKANISHI*, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, Hui YANG*~
'''Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater.''' ''14'', 045007 (2013) (8 pages).~

***(Review) Recent progress in aerogel science and technology [#acf4be73]
Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*~
'''Adv. Porous Mater.''' ''1'', 147-163 (2013).~

***(解説)幅広い温度域で柔軟性をもつ多孔性材料・マシュマロゲルの合成と分離媒体への応用 [#a65acbb6]
機能材料, 2013年7月号, 59-62.

***Synthesis of hierarchically porous hydrogen silsesquioxane monoliths and embedding of metal nanoparticles by on-site reduction [#ab6adeea]
Nirmalya MOITRA, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, Toyoshi SHIMADA, Kazuyuki TAKEDA, Yumi H. IKUHARA, Xiang GAO, Kazuki NAKANISHI*~
'''Adv. Funct. Mater.''' ''23'', 2714-2722 (2013).~

***New Li&sub{2};FeSiO&sub{4};-carbon monoliths with controlled macropores: Effects of pore properties on electrode performance [#qe65091e]
George HASEGAWA*, ''Mai SANNOHE'', Yuya ISHIHARA, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, Kazuki NAKANISHI, Takeshi ABE~
'''Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.''' ''15'', 8736-8743 (2013).~

***Hierarchically porous monoliths of oxygen-deficient anatase TiO&sub{2-'''x'''}; with electron conductivity [#f72f886b]
Atsushi KITADA, George HASEGAWA, Yoji KOBAYASHI, Kohei MIYAZAKI, Takeshi ABE, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, Kazuki NAKANISHI, Hiroshi KAGEYAMA*~
'''RSC Adv.''' ''3'', 7205-7208 (2013).~

***Hierarchically porous nickel/carbon composite monoliths prepared by sol-gel method from an ionic precursor [#q4c13e6b]
''Yasuki KIDO'', Kazuki NAKANISHI*, ''Nao OKUMURA'', Kazuyoshi KANAMORI~
'''Microporous Mesoporous Mater.''' ''176'', 64-70 (2013).~

***Preparation of mullite monoliths with well-defined macropores and mesostructured skeletons via the sol–gel process accompanied by phase separation [#g936edfc]
Xingzhong GUO, Wenyan LI, Kazuki NAKANISHI, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI, ''Yang ZHU'', Hui YANG*~
'''J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.''' ''33'', 1967-1974 (2013).~

***Synthesis of silver nanoparticles confined in hierarchically porous monolithic silica: A new function in aromatic hydrocarbons separations [#oa184007]
''Yang ZHU'', Kei MORISATO, Wenyan LI, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, Kazuki NAKANISHI*~
'''ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces''' ''5'', 2118-2125 (2013).~

***Sol-gel synthesis of zinc ferrite-based xerogel monoliths with well-defined macropores [#wbc6c9de]
''Yasuki KIDO'', Kazuki NAKANISHI*, Kazuyoshi KANAMORI~
'''RSC Adv.''' ''3'', 3661-3666 (2013).~

***(Review) Liquid-phase synthesis and application of monolithic porous materials based on organic-inorganic hybrid methylsiloxanes, crosslinked polymers and carbons [#c9c218d8]
Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*~
'''J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol.''' ''65'', 12-22 (2013).~

***Facile synthesis of marshmallow-like macroporous gels usable under harsh conditions for the separation of oil and water [#rfe60b8c]
''Gen HAYASE'', Kazuyoshi KANAMORI*, Masashi FUKUCHI, Hironori KAJI, Kazuki NAKANISHI~
'''Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.''' ''52'', 1986-1989 (2013).~
&color(Red){Most accessed in Jan. 2013!};~
[http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/news_data/h/h1/news6/2012/130111_2.htm プレスリリース]~

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