addendum 2003.7.26.


この号から発行元が「日本物理化学研究会」に移行します。 日本物理化学研究会発足に当たっては、藤井榮三郎さんから多額の醵金がありました。 巻頭に掲載されている、藤井榮三郎さんの小伝を紹介します。



Our Physico-Chemical Society of Japan was established in the autumn of 1936 with the support of Mr. Eizaburô Fujii, one of the pioneers of the Japanese chemical industry, whose creed is: "the profit earned from chemical industry should be devoted to the chemical world." This creed, needless to say, had much to do with the establishment of our society. Now we are very glad to introduce him as an adviser to our society.

Mr. Eizaburô Fujii was bom in Kanazawa on November 1st, l866* , as the son of Chôhei Fujii, who was of a Tokyo samurai family, and was the younger brother of the late Dr. Jôkichi Takamine, inventor of ' Taka-diastase'. Farly in life, in Tokyo, he engaged himself in manufacturing chemicals. In 1922 he founded the Fujii Industrial Chemistry Co., and became its acting partner. Later he became the managing director of the Tokyo Sulphuric Acid- Co., Ltd., together with the director of the Sulphuric Acid Shop, the managing director of the Asahi Warehouse Co., Ltd., the auditor of the Katsuraya Shop, the director of the Takamine Production Co. and the Hananoya Colours Factory, and the superintendent of the Fujii Glifan Laboratory. In addition, he was the founder of the Publishing Officce of the Chemical Industry Review (the Kagaku Kôgyo Jihô) and the overseer of the Kôseikai, a corporate juridical person, and the Society of Spreading Scientific Knowledge, a foundational juridical person.

Now, having retired from almost all the enterprises for profit, he takes the greatest delight in exerting himself for the development of chemical industry in Japan. He, hoping to serve the chemical industry world, often has made much contribution to the Technical Department of the Tokyo Imperial University, the Scientific and Technical Department of Waseda University, the Kôseikai, the Electric Association and the Society of Spreading Scientific Knowledge. Then, for the Economical Department of the Tokyo Imperial University he contributed a collection of the ancient oriental coins whose value was estimated about \100,000 at that time. Owing to these merits he received a blue-ribbon medal in 1927. Thus, nobody can but impress to see a great deal of his contributions to public affairs, chiefly in the chemical world. It should be added as an example of his contributions in other lines than in natural science that he gave support to the movement of Neo-Buddhism by Rev. Entai Tomomatsu from the same locality.

Last autumn he trusted \30,000 to us. This encouraged us to establish the Physico-Chemical Society of Japan, and to change the Review of Physical Chemistry of Japan, the organ of the editor's laboratory, into that of the society containing originals in Engrlish or German as well as complete abstracts of Japanese physico-chemical literature.

In his sixty-ninth year Mr. Fujii is yet in good health. We wish most heartly that he may live long to see his dream of the development of the Japanese chemical world come true.

Shinkichi Horiba

* 「大日本重役大観」(石和田八郎編、東京毎日新聞、1918年)、「化学工業時報」 662号(1950年2月20日)、1310号(1968年11月25日。40周年記念号)によると、藤井榮三郎さんの生年は慶応元年、1865年11月11日になっています。「重役大観」によると、高峰精一の四男(化学工業時報の記事では二男)であったが藤井長平の養嗣子となったとのこと。 没年は1949年4月14日。化学工業時報662号、1310号中の記事によると、藤井さんは還暦を迎えた1924年、財産を整理して(60万円)公正会 Kôseikai という組織をつくり“報恩”の活動を始められたそうです。 藤井さんは物理化学研究会に寄付されたのと同時期、化学機械協会(後の化学工学協会、化学工学会)の設立に当たっても、多額の寄付をされています。 内田俊一東工大名誉教授はこの藤井さんの役割を、米国のAIChE設立に当たっての A. D. Little に比しておられます。

2003.7.26. 付記