Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research: Design of High-Performance Organocatalysts for the Application to Fine Organic Synthesis SitemapJapanese
  • Maruoka Group, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
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Professor Keiji Maruoka
Postdoctral Fellow Hyojun Lee
Postdoctral Fellow Suva Paria
Postdoctral Fellow Kang Qikai
Postdoctral Fellow Martin Pawliczek
M2 Hitoshi Nagaoka
M1 Yuto Shimazaki
B4 Momoko Takeda

Associate Professor Taichi Kano
Postdoctral Fellow Jian-Fei Bai
Postdoctral Fellow Mio Shimogaki
D3 Hiroki Maruyama
D1 Yusuke Aota
M2 Chihiro Homma
M1 Kento Yasumoto
B4 Yoshiaki Maeda

Specially Appointed
Assistant Professor

Ryu Sakakoto
Postdoctral Fellow Terumasa Kato
D3 Bich Ngoc Nguye
M2 Shunya Sakurai
M1 Naomichi Hirama
M1 Tomomi Yoshii
B4 Takumi Seihara