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Organization (until March 2010)

Current organization is here.

General Management Group

Name Affiliation Position
TERAZIMA, Masahide Project Leader Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Unviersity
KATAOKA, Mikio Secretary General Professor, Graduate School of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Name Position
KITAGAWA, Teizo Fellow, Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Inst.
NAKAHARA, Masaru Professor, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
SAKAKI, Shigeyoshi Professor, Graduate School of Molecular Engineering, Kyoto University
MILLER, R. J. Dwayne Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto

Project Research Members

>> Research Field (A01) Director: Masahide Terazima, "Detection of fluctuation"

Name Affiliation and Position Research title
TERAZIMA, Masahide Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University Development of time-resolved methods for detections of energy and structural fluctuations, and revealing relationship between fluctuation and reaction mechanism
KATO, Koichi Professor, Okazaki Institute for Integrative Biosceince, National Institutes of Natural Sciences NMR detection of conformational fluctuations of proteins and glycoconjugates for exploration of their correlations with biological functions
OKAMOTO, Yuko Professor, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University Development of molecular simulation algorithms for enhancing structural fluctuations and for accurate free-energy calculations
The open-type researchers
ISHII, Kunihiko RIKEN Study of ultrafast fluctuations of biopolymers by label-free fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
ISHIMORI, Koichiro Hokkaido Univ. Quantitative analysis of the structural fluctuation in protein studied with florescence spectroscopy under high pressure
KAMIYAMA, Tadashi Kinki Univ. Isothermal and Adiabatic Compressibility of Protein
KAWAKAMI, Masaru JAIST Detection of protein fluctuation by mechanical unfolding experiments with AFM and relevance of the thermal fluctuation to biological function
KITAHARA, Ryo Ritsumeikan Univ. High pressure NMR study of protein dynamics
KIDERA, Akinori Yokohama City Univ. Fluctuations in protein side-chains and their responses upon ligand binding
GOTO, Yuji Osaka Univ. Structure and fluctuation of the intermediates of amyloid fibril formation
SATO, Hirofumi Kyoto Univ. Understanding of fluctuation and hydration based on integral equation theory
SUGASE, Kenji SUNBOR Elucidation of the DNA recognition mechanism of a pluripotency-inducing factor Oct3/4 by relaxation dispersion spectroscopy
TAKADA, Shoji Kyoto Univ. heoretical study of rare and large-amplitude fluctuation of proteins: Search for cracking
TAKAHASHI, Satoshi Tohoku Univ.  Elucidation of the translational motions of biological macromolecules and their coupling to the internal conformational dynamics
YAMAGUCHI, Mariko NAIST Fluctuation of local structures in proteins
YAMAMURA, Yasuhisa Univ. of Tsukuba Thermodynamic approach to detection of fluctuation of lipid bilayer

>> Research Field (A02) Director: Mikio Kataoka, "Regulation of fluctuation"

Name Affiliation and Position Research title
KATAOKA, Mikio Professor, Graduate School of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology Development of model systems for intrinsically disordered protein and understanding of the role of fluctuation on molecular recognition and folding
HOHSAKA, Takahiro Associate Professor, School of Materials Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Study of protein fluctuations by introducing nonnatural amino acids
The open-type researchers
ARAI, Munehito AIST Controlling fluctuation of a protein using the database of comprehensive amino acid substitutions
IMANISHI, Miki Kyoto Univ. Effects of fluctuations of DNA binding proteins on their sequence-specificities
KURODA, Yutaka TUAT Design and analysis of protein backbone fluctuations introduced by a single or a small number of mutations
TATE, Shin-ichi Hiroshima Univ. Regulation of active site structural fluctuation in protein by loop mutation
MIZUGUCHI, Mineyuki Univ. of Toyama Fluctuation and function of the new-type of intrinsically unstructured protein
YUASA, Junpei NAIST Detection of relaxation processes in fluctuation of photoreceptor proteins

>> Research Field (A03) Director: Ryuichi Ueoka, "Fluctuation toward function"

Name Affiliation and Position Research title
UEOKA, Ryuichi Professor, Faculty of Biotechnology and Life Science, Sojo University Antitumor mechanism in molecular model with relation to fluctuation of tumor cell membranes and liposomes
KUWAJIMA, Kunihiro Professor, Okazaki Institute for Integrative Biosceince, National Institutes of Natural Sciences Structural fluctuations and folding-mediating functions of the chaperonin
HIRATA, Fumio Professor, Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences Theoretical Study on Conjugated Dynamics of Protein and Solvent
The open-type researchers
IINO, Ryota Osaka Univ. Development of an ultra-high speed optical microscope for the investigation of correlation between the conformational fluctuation and the performance of motor proteins
IDE, Toru Osaka Univ. Structure-activity relationship study of ion-channel proteins by single-molecule analyses
OIKI, Shigetoshi Univ. of Fukui Single-molecular studies for structural and functional fluctuation of KcsA potassium channel
OKADA, Seiji Kumamoto Univ. Membrane Fluctuation and hematopoietic system. (Normal and malignant)
OKAMURA, Emiko Himeji Dokkyo Univ. Multinuclear dynamic NMR of drug transport relating to the fluctuation of biomembranes
KURODA, Reiko The Univ. of Tokyo The molecular dynamics of proteins related to amyloidosis
SUZUKI, Kentaro The Univ. of Tokyo Spontaneous Rewinding Dynamics of Helical Self-assemblies of Oleic Acid on the Basis of Microscopic Fluctuation of Molecular Dynamics
SUZUKI, Motoshi Nagoya Univ. A bidirectional research toward understanding the relationship between genetic fluctuation and lung cancer
TERO, Ryugo IMS Structure and properties of lipid bilayer membrane at the transient state of phase separation
DEWA, Takehisa NIT Functional analysis of polyamine-lipid/nucleic acid complex (Lipoplex) as gene carrier: Relationship between metamorphosis of lipoplex and its function
TOTANI, Kiichiro Seikei Univ. Effects of biomimetic artificial fluctuation environments on enzymatic reactions
MATSUSHITA, Taku Sojo Univ.    Study on G-quadruplex fluctuations and functions of telomeric DNA
YANO, Yoshiaki Kyoto Univ. Fluctuation analysis of fundamental processes for membrane protein folding by single molecule fluorescence microscopy
YOSHIDA, Norio IMS     Theoretical study of the electronic conductance in wet-DNA and effects of structural fluctuation
YONETANI, Yoshiteru JAEA Role of the structural fluctuation of DNA binding proteins in the DNA sequence recognition


Name Affiliation and Position Research title
HAMADA, Daizo Kobe Univ. Fluctuation of biomolecules associated with cytotoxicity of amyloidogenic proteins
MAJIMA, Tetsuro Osaka Univ. Charge Transfer in DNA
YANO, Yohko F. Ritsumeikan Univ. Development of X-ray reflection system for investigating the structural fluctuation at interfaces and understanding of the interaction between a protein and an interface
Shun Hirota NAIST