update history

4th November 2015 Springer links is closed.
29th September 2015 Springer links is available.
Programs are updated to final version with errata.
28th September 2015 Photos are available.
26th August 2015 Souvenir is posted.
Venue and travel is updated.
25th August 2015 Get-Together Reception is posted.
30th July 2015 Program is updated to final version.
General Info and Presentation Guideline (PDF) is put on.
27th July 2015 Sponsors is updated.
25th July 2015 WARNING - Beware of scams is posted.
21st July 2015 Venue and travel is updated with maps and links.
30th June 2015 Venue and travel is updated to link to optional tours.
22nd June 2015 Sponsors is updated.
2nd June 2015 Important Dates, Sponsors and Abstract Submission are updated.
1st June 2015 Call for Sponsors is closed.
22nd May 2015 Tentative program is added to Program.
20th May 2015 Registration Fees is updated to Conference Registration.
14th May 2015 Program is put on.
23rd March 2015 Link to Travel Grants is arranged.
16th March 2015 Confirmed Plenary and Invited Speakers is updated.
11th March 2015 The Registration Site is open.
5th March 2015 Important Dates, Registration Fees and Confirmed Plenary and Invited Speakers are updated.
16th February 2015 Abstract Submission is updated.
26th January 2015 Abstract Submission is updated.
8th January 2015 Organized by is updated to Organizers & Contact Info.
26th December 2014 Ulrich Awards is uploaded.
28th November 2014 The second circular is available online.
Abstract Submission, Registration Fees, Confirmed Plenary and Invited Speakers, Supporting Societies, Sponsors and Call for sponsors are opened.
Important Dates is updated from the earlier edition.
2nd May 2014 The first circular is available online.
1st April 2014 Started pre-registration.
31st January 2014 We launch our new website.