Hiroshi Kitagawa [Professor]

I am interested in cooperative quantum properties that protons and electrons show in solid materials, such as ferromagnetism and superconductivity. Recently, I am also interested in investigating hydrogen storage, super-protonic conductivity and the photolysis of water. This focus covers a wide range of materials, from organic to inorganic matter, such as transition metal complexes, metal nanoparticles, coordination polymers and mixed-valence compounds.


Mitsuhiko Maesato [Associate Professor]


Hirokazu Kobayashi [Specific Associate Professor(Nanomaterials Chemistry Special Course)]


Kazuya Otsubo [Assistant Professor]

Research theme : high-pressure physical properties of one-dimensional metal complex


Comment : "I can not come back to me that day anymore, I will not come back to me on that day anymore ..."

Jared Taylor [Specific Assistant Professor(Nanomaterials Chemistry Special Course)]

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Kohei Kusada [Specific Assistant Professor(Nanomaterials Chemistry Special Course)]

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Tokutaro Komatsu [Specific Researcher]

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Mikihiro Hayashi [JSPS Research Fellow]

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Taeko Ito [Academic Affairs Assistant]


Yuko Godart [Academic Affairs Assistant]


Megumi Murase [Academic Affairs Assistant]


Hisashi Okawa [Visiting Fellow]

Ryuichi Ikeda [Visiting Fellow]

Specialty: solid NMR, solid physics and chemistry


Masaaki Uemura [Specific Researcher]

Yuji Omata [Visiting Researcher]

Doctoral program

Li Guang Qin [D3]

Research theme: Nanoparticles hybrid material

Ken-ichi Otake [D2]

Research theme : Physical properties of low-dimensional metal complex

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Genta Kawaguchi [D2]

Research theme:Study of πd-based organic conductor

Comments : Even steeper road, let's walk with a laugh ---- Inoki Antonio

Tomoyuki Haraguchi [D2]

Research themes:

Man the-Pooh

Bo Huang [D2]

"Stay hungry, stay foolish." From Prof.Kitagawa

Ryota Hashiguchi [D1]

Research themes:The properties and function search in dimensional crossover region

Horse year

Takayuki Yamamoto [D1]

Research theme:Ion conductivity and phase behavior of silver iodide nanoparticles

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Master's program

Shun Dekura [M2]

Research Topic :Synthesis and properties of new solid solution nanoparticles, Solid state NMR of hydrogen in metal

What's an oyster-bar?

Ryo Nakayama [M2]

Research themes:Evaluation and physical property expression by proton beam irradiation

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Shuya Nagayama [M2]

Research theme:


Yuta Asakawa [M1]

Hiromu Tsukada [M1]

Tasuku Sugiura [M1]

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Undergraduate grade

Yoshimasa Aoyama

Kim Shing Gyom

Takuo Wakisaka